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The Balloon Activity 

The Balloon Tower
The second assignment consisted of us working in teams made by the faculty heads. The project consisted of making the highest tower with least air-filled balloons which would remain stable without support.
As the team leader of the group it was my duty to handle and coordinate the project with almost care and achieve the objective. the projected was completed with the help of four other group members, and 20 balloons.
Our tower consisted of those 20 balloons which managed to remain stable without any support and a fairly good height, considering that the highest tower could not remain  and thus the balloons got busted by accident Therefore ours was among the highest towers.

Ideation Canvas

In this ideation canvas we have to find the difficulty from our domain.And find the maximum possible solution for the difficulties.
To list out people who are facing the problem.

Write down the activities done by them.

List out where, when and how they are facing the problematic situations.

Identify the problems.

Think about possible solutions. Write down the props used for them.

Role Play Canvas

Role play is a activity to study the behaviour of other people who are different from your nature. In this we have to put our self in other people situation and try to think what that people do in this situation.
Identify the person on whom you are performing role play.
Note down other details like time, place, people involved and other details.
Take a real life situation and think what the person will do in this situation. Study the feelings and the thoughts of the person and create a story.  Write down the story in the canvas.
Verify it from the person on whom you are performing roleplay. 

Mind Mapping

Learning Design Engineering

Mind Mapping 

Location: Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology, Surat.
Time: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Introduction of Mind Mapping
Mind mapping is generally represent and express your idea by graphically.In this we can express our thoughts or idea by doodles, sketch,line etc.

We have done this activity in group of four people. We had visited Railway station five times.Our main idea is railway station and then we think about small idea related to railway station and express it by doodles, sketch and lines.


Learning Design Engineering

Product Development Canvas

This is the last sheet for Design Engineering 1-A. We had to identify the problems and the possibile solutions from the ideation canvas. After that, we had to think about a product that can be developed for solving the problem. 
Purpose: why are you making the product
People: for whom you are making the product
Product Experience: what are you expecting from the product
Product Functions: what your product can do
Product Features: what are the qualities of your product
Components: what your product includes
Customer Revalidation: Thoughts of the people for whom you are making the product


Nirman 2K17 (15/09/17)

I  took part in the non-technical event , basically it was like game to be played  , Dragon ball , in which we need to through the ball inside the glass for particular points and the team with the highest point wins ,it was like fun game 
There was a validatory Function , in these function the winner of different events were awarded with trophy and certification of apprecition , also few students share their thougth ,views and their experience during these whole event, also students welcome the guest bouque of flower. Also the place was beautifully decorated ,such as perfectly as the civil based theme,


Surveying project

On these we have to perform project on field, we have reached the in lab at 8:30 ,at there we had explained about 2 project that we are going to do , after explanation we took all the instrument necessary for the surveying project and the reached on field , then we established stations and after that we measured chainage and offsets and then we measured angle with theodolite and after completion of first project we have given rest for half an hour
Now we have to do our next project of developing curves on field then we were divide in group we have done all the necessary calculation previous only within 30-40 minutes we were able to complete all curves  then after one of the students went on terrace and click the photos of curves that was develop on field ,then we click the group photo with faculty and this how our both project were completed


Empathy Mapping

In today’s stressful life of ours, we usually have a habit of either forgetting or misplacing 
our important belongings. We end up spending lot of time to trace the lost things or at times we 
lose it forever. Things that we are not able to find at required moment loses its value. For example a 
document required for an interview if not traceable on the day of interview, it is likely to happen 
that we incidentally find it after a week or later. 
The above such incidences are supported by the well known Murphy’ Law which can be rewritten 
as, ‘‘anything that can be lost will be lost’’. 
In these empathy mapping we had to choose the anyone user ,then on bases user ,we have to write stakeholders which the user see daily ,then assuming that we are that user then we have then we have seek his emotion i.e we have to write two Happy story ,i.e story which describe his happy feeling and similarly we have to write the story we describe his sad story ,it was easy task we just need to thing the situation of the user and on the based on these situations we had to write the both story